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Four Polaroids

four countries

2016 to 2018

At one point in my life, all these views seemed unattainable—unimaginable, even. Call if youthful exuberance, but I jumped on these travel opportunities before I knew to be afraid of them. 

Each picture holds a memory—hard-fought "lessons learned" I wear as a badge of honor.  I leaned into uncomfortable conversations and overcame language barriers to embrace local experiences.

I understand every picture of my journey carries with it long nights spent hashing out travel applications and well-meaning guidance from strangers as I navigate the complexities of immigration checkpoints. The result is picturesque, but the journey was not one done alone.

These pictures memorialize the person I was for the person I will become. These pictures thank those who helped me to realize something greater—a world shaped by persistent commitment to dreams chased before anyone told us not to.

PARIS 2016





Europe in Black and White

2016 Collection

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